My Style Decisions

Welcome, my friend!  Thank you for coming to see me.  How have you been?  Things are as crazy as ever with me, but I did manage to squeeze in a stay at the Ritz-Carlton Atlanta.  Their luxe style is so inspiring!  Sleek black walls with gold, marble, and crystal soothe and pamper from the minute you step inside the brass doors.  My next home project might just have to include black walls!

Thank you Ritz Carlton for featuring my post on Instagram:

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“Through the looking glass…We’re all mad here.” Lewis Carroll

The gallery seemed straight out of Paris.  I could have spent hours there studying the beautiful portraits and their fabulous gold frames.  I wish I knew the stories of the subjects and the artists that painted them.

The gold elevators with smoked mirrors and chandeliers were fascinating!

Thank you Ritz-Carlton for the #RCMemories!  You are my favorite!  Oh…and the Chocolate Lava Cake at AG (Atlanta Grill) is to die for!  You can steal a girl’s heart by treating her like a queen, but when you feed her liquid chocolate, she is yours forever.